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About Us...

About Us...

Hastkala Art & Crafts, founded in 2010, by a husband-wife duo, we left our well paying job abroad to pursue our dream to empower the rural artisans after having mapped the geographical distances of rural India and having seen the plight of the local artisans and village artists. That’s when Hastkala was born with the sole aim of connecting rural India to the urban masses. Here, we recognize that urban customers have the power to impact the world simply through their purchasing choices. Our goal is to preserve, revive, and expand the rich tradition of rural handicrafts by working closely with artisans, helping them develop quality products that appeal to contemporary tastes buds. We spend hours researching purchasing patterns, design trends and marketing innovations, and use this know-how to help advance the livelihoods of rural craftspeople.

 What happens when you buy a product @ Hastkala Art & Crafts!

Every time you shop at Hastkala Art & Crafts, you participate in preserving our heritage of centuries old art and craft; sustaining it for the future and nurturing the livelihood of the artisans.

In a short span of 4 years, Hastkala Art & Crafts has emerged as a connecting bond between the two India.  With a strong network of franchisees across India and a very effective penetration into the corporate sector driving their corporate social responsibility (CSR) motive into proper channels, Hastkala Art & Crafts is in constant drive to change lives of our own people and at the same time providing with superior quality handmade products to the consumers globally. We also have association with a few NGOs in promoting their products and bringing livelihood to the women working under it.