About us...

While working in Tanzania, East Africa, we stumbled upon the creative side of the Dark Continent. The sheer depth & ethnicity of African handicrafts invoked an inherent passion within us to explore more and thus Hastkala Art & Crafts was born.

After that there has been no looking back, we started our expedition to search for Indian arts & crafts in India. Herein, we met a lot of handicraftsman & artisans whose work never saw the light of day to our people, most of their work being exported at enormous rates by the middle men. That's where we have stepped in, to reach out to our people and showcase the variety, quality & classical India to everyone. We also have passive co-ordination with some NGOs across India in promoting their products.

Hastkala Art & Crafts-Mumbai is now an emerging manufacturer, exporter and trader of various handicraft items made of Marble, Gemstone, Wooden & Terracotta clay. Our vast product range covers Marble Meenakari items, Wooden Gemstone products, Terracotta Home Décor’ items, Wooden paintings and everything which is Handmade.
Every product that we manufacture is nominally priced and is available in a number of designs, colors and patterns. We assure of the best products in addition to timely delivery systems at all times.

We amidst others are trying to change the way people gift each other. Now, more and more of our corporate clients and customers are opting for handmade products rather than go for the same boring gifts & mementos which were in vogue.  This way the corporate are fulfilling their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) goal by promoting cultural but useful products thereby giving something in return to the country.

All our products come in standard packing with bubble wrap so as to minimize damages.